Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Herbal Protection From Evil Spirits

Herbs are used in magick for their "vibrations" or "essences". It is believed by many cultures that Herbs have gender, are ruled by a planet, an element, and are often sacred to a God or Goddess. This is known in Wicca as the herbal correspondence and an important element in Wiccan Magick Spells.

Growing and nurturing herbs in your own magickal garden can give you the advantage of your own energy infused into the plant. Angelica, ruled by the Sun, will then have all of the influence of the Sun and fire, along with your personal energies.

Wiccan Ways to use Herbs

Charms and sachets - Fill a small bag, of the correct color or material, with herbs to make a charm or sachet. You can carry the charm with you, hang it in the house or car, or bury or burn it, depending on the purpose, and the spell you are performing.

Incense - Herbs can be burned as a ritual incense, such as the sage smudge used to clear negative vibrations from a space.

Bath - Make a sachet, and place it in your ritual or healing bath. Fragrant herbs like lavender make a very relaxing bath, and you can use certain herbs to alleviate skin and other conditions, such as using eucalyptus in a bath when you have a cold or flu.

Oils - Place herbs in an oil, let them steep for a few days, then strain. You can make annointing oils for you ritual work, beauty oils for your hair, skin and nails (try coconut or jojoba), or flavor oils for cooking and seasoning, such as steeping rosemary in olive oil.

Teas - Use herbs to make teas for healing illness. Some herbs can be used to mildly alter consciousness, such as valerian or kava kava which can facilitate trance like states.

Smoking - You can make herbal smoking mixtures which will also facilitate altered states of consciousness.

In spellwork, herbs can be sprinkled or placed around or within boundaries (such as your home, altar, or magick circle) defining a "territory" for your magick to work. You can also use flavorful herbs in cooking and seasoning your food. There are many healthful benefits, and they taste great! Always give all plant life respect, wherever you are- remember, the word "weed" is simply a value judgment!

Dandelions have many healing and nutritional qualities which are not only beneficial to wildlife, but you as well! Learn to recognize the herbs around you-even in a city.

There are many wonderful herbs growing wild that you can gather and use for warding off evil spirits. No one knows exactly why certain herbs will ward off evil, but when used alone or in a powerful combination, herbs are a great weapon. Whether the scent or potency of the herb the Celtics, Wiccans and Gypsies used these gifts from mother nature for thousands of years. According to my gypsy journals and Wiccan Book of Shadows, if you're having bad dreams, dealing with evil intent or have a less-than cooperative manifestation--try the herbs below. This is NOT a complete list, but an easy start to give you the protection you seek now.

Aloe - Guards against evil spirits and accidents
Angelica - Protection from evil spirits, can be used in exorcism
Boneset - Use this powerful herb to ward of evil spirits
Caraway - Protect against evil spirits, attract a mate, and a bag of caraway seeds in a child's bed can protect from disease
Fennel - Protection, ward of evil spirits, purification and healing
Foxglove - Grow in your garden to protect your home
Garlic - Protection, exorcism, healing
Hazel - Protection against the dark side
Majoram - Used in straka, this herb protects the home and chases evil spirits away when sprinkled.
Nettle - Removes curses, protects from evil, and can be used in purification baths (cook first to remove sting).
Pure Salt - Very powerful in protecting the home and against unwanted demons.
Vervain - Great for personal protection and exorcisms.
Violet - Carry this flower to protect against evil and bring good luck your way.
Willow - The willow wood makes an excellent wand, branches make excellent besoms. Carry the leaves to guard from evil and use in moon magick. Drink willow tea to purify your body.
Wintergreen - Used to protect children against evil when left under their pillows at night.

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