Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summoning A Ghost

I've researched the family Book of Shadows for spells that will summon ghosts, poltergeists or spirits. I found two very old entries; one from a great, great aunt. My aunt wanted to speak with her recently deceased husband who'd hidden their money and she couldn't find his hiding spot. Her spell was easy enough and I'll describe her incantation below, but I want to caution you as she cautioned any family members who came upon the entry. . .DO NOT ATTEMPT this or any spell to summon the dead until you've mastered and created a protection spell from spirits with evil intent.

To see or summon the spirits inside a home or cemetary, Grimoires suggest the following incense mixture. (A grimoire is a textbook of magic to create or learn about magical talismans, amulets, magical spells, charms, divination and summoning entities like angels, spirits, or demons.

1. Create your circle.

2. Mix together aloe, pepper, musk, vervain, and saffron as a burning incense. If you know the person, add a bit of their perfume, aftershave, favorite flower, or their preferred tobacco when they were alive to attract their attention.

3. Use symbolic items to connect you to the entity. Their hair brush, car keys, comb or toothbrush would do nicely.

Use this incantation to bring the spirit to you.

I call the guardians of the Spirit World to hear my plea.
Guide me in this hour to bring ____ to me.
Those I do not call are not welcome in this place.
Only the soul known as _____ may enter this sacred space.

Repeat three times every ten minutes until you feel their presence in the room. This takes time and mental focus. You may feel their touch, their scent, a breeze upon your face or the candles may flicker. Now is the time to say your peace, ask your question or say goodbye. Once you've finished, remember to thank the guardians for guiding you.

A notation was written at the bottom of the incantation. . .my great, great aunt found the money in a sealed pipe in the basement. I guess my uncle never got around to fixing the plumbing.